At maple Monster we focus on traditional and non-traditional marketing and sales strategy. We evaluate your marketing and advertising approach to discuss what is working and what is not working. Then we model the economic implications of these insights and compare them with what’s working for other companies. Then our team comes up with well thought-out detailed researched marketing plan.


Maple Monster Consulting help companies optimize and transform their marketing strategy to achieve maximum profit and market share. In this current technology-enabled marketing environment, businesses can aim better and achieve huge result in profit and growth. We believe great marketing begins with a genuinely advantaged and robust insight into our client’s customers whether they are individuals or businesses.

Before the era of Big Data, marketing campaigns were difficult to measure. Quantifying marketing ROI was imprecise at best. Businesses need big data analytics and intuitive solutions that can help structure, run and measure campaigns effectiveness quickly and run multiple campaigns at once.

Maple Monster Consulting team help ensure you are well positioned within your industry, so that our marketing strategic plan will have a positive impact on your business. Our team of professionals provides the right combination of strategies, resources and approach that improves and enhances the value of your business by working with your management team to achieve competitive advantage and excellent operating results.

MARKETING INITIATIVES: we define your long-term and short term marketing destination, and make immediate progress with a series of smaller and longer initiatives.

MARKETING APPROACH: we seamlessly integrate traditional and non-traditional approach to achieve customer experiences that lead to profitable growth.

MARKET OPPORTUNITIES: we ensure you utilize the market opportunities the way successful start-ups do by breaking large and complex challenges into smaller modules.

MARKETING ANALYSIS: we bring machines, metrics and minds to reach, engage and retain customers and maximize their spending.

MULTI CHANNEL MARKETING: we ensure you add value to your customers while reducing cost and using powerful marketing tools.

MARKETING AND ORGANIZATION MODELS: our advanced marketing consulting team helps you facilitate innovation and accelerate transformation also helping you build your own in-house capabilities.

COMMERCIAL MARKETING: Proving marketing results by predicting, measuring and managing the changes from day one. Also market leaders are evolving their organizations to support customer outcomes rather than product/service needs.

MARKETING STRATEGY: understanding your marketing needs and customers behavior using strategic approach. Such as communicating and reaching out to your target market through the right channels.

MARKETING ADVANTAGE: we help you define your target customer and the area of distinct advantage over your competitors.

BRAND STRATEGY: we ensure companies align marketing and brand strategy with overarching business objectives; ensure marketing investments are generating highest returns and reinforcing the brand positioning; and build a loyal customer base through branding that cultivates a strong, trusted image to drive top-line growth.

MARKETING POSITIONING: We ensure companies build powerful, integrated go-to-market systems that build a bridge between a company’s strategy and the exceptional customer experiences that are the ultimate driver of customer advocacy and loyalty.

CUSTOMER TARGETING AND VALUE PROPOSITION: focusing on the right customer segments and ensure that the business segment is well designed in line with customer needs and delivers the right economics to both customers and the provider.

GO-TO-MARKET AND COMMERCIAL ORGANIZATION: we ensure your business leverages the right sales channels (e.g., direct, inside sales, third-party intermediaries), and design and deployment of the optimal commercial organization, to serve the chosen customers and channels.

SALES AND MARKETING EFFECTIVENESS: Ensures that the right sales and marketing processes and systems are in place to maximize the effectiveness of the sales and marketing activities.


  • Drawing insights from your customers, markets, business environments and internal organization.
  • Help you structure campaigns with greater precision, execute them in complex multiple-channel
  • Help you with marketing and advertising strategy that is unique to your business need.
  • Helping you implement effective marketing campaigns by selecting the best strategies that will maximize customer experiences.
  • Help develop marketing strategy to transform your organizations into high-performance.
  • Work with clients to effectively leverage multiple marketing channels
  • Accelerates campaign development and efficacy by streamlining planning and focusing on only the most objectively relevant data.
  • Help you develop optimal strategy by understanding what your customer likes and dislikes.
  • Enables precision targeting across multiple variables simultaneously, including demographic and psychographic factors, as well as customer needs and approach parameters (e.g. location, timing, device)
  • Achieves the elusive goal of placing your messaging in the right place, at the right time, via the right medium, for each specific customer or prospect.
  • Maximizes yield probability by optimizing multiple campaign execution levers simultaneously and constantly updating campaign management guidance.
  • Simplifies measurement of campaign effectiveness by clearly linking customer engagement and conversion to specific campaign planning and execution actions.
  • Increases business agility by expanding capacity to run multiple campaigns simultaneously.
  • Specifically focused on defining the optimal route-to-market strategy to its market context and strategic objectives, and aligning a business’s commercial organization and resource deployment accordingly
  • Help organizations make the right decisions around their go-to-market strategy,
  • Mapping the channel landscape and the distribution chain economics in a sector
  • Evaluating existing or new go-to-market options on the basis of strategic, commercial and financial criteria
  • Modeling value chain economics for providers, intermediaries and customers under alternative go-to-market scenarios
  • Specifically evaluating opportunities for businesses to develop new, often technology-led models to serve their customers directly, reducing or eliminating reliance on intermediaries
  • Aligning commercial roles (e.g., sales, account management, product specialists, marketing, technical support, customer service) to deliver against the value proposition to customers
  • Reviewing the structure and governance of the commercial functions to ensure strategic alignment and improve cost-efficiency
  • Assessing the allocation of commercial resources, including sales, marketing and other supporting functions, against strategic priorities
  • Excellent go-to-market platform to drive future growth fully aligned to your business’ strategy and the requirements of its customers.
  • Improved ability to capture an increased share of the value your business is creating for its customers
  • Enhanced commercial capabilities across your business to consistently deliver against the customer value proposition.
  • More sustainable go-to-market strategy for the future, ensuring continued effective distribution to customers and reducing the risk of disintermediation by the channels.
  • Optimal resource allocation to drive increased return on sales and marketing investment.
  • Reduction (where appropriate) of the overall sales and marketing cost to release profit to the bottom line.
  • Create marketing plans for you to execute across multiple channels.
  • Understand the value of big data and how to use it for your marketing advantage.
  • Launch new marketing mechanics to achieve customer loyalty.
  • Understand the returns on your marketing activity and enable clients to make higher return decisions.
  • Optimize marketing processes, whether it is sales force productivity or direct marketing campaign execution.
  • Help you customers to identify with you and create a clear insight in positioning you to the right target market.
  • Utilizing the right channels to market your service and product, as it is important if you want to remain at the top with the winners.
  • Help you communicate and reach out to your target market through the right channels at the right time for winning and dominating your industry.
  • Help you choose and select carefully on your go-to market strategies for who will effectively put your products and services in front of your customers.
  • Help you tailor a well-defined step-by-step plan when entering a new market. Also is your go-to-market for who will efficiently help you reach your goals and targets.
  • Help you understand and identify the right channels to target in order to reach t the right audience and drive maximum revenue and growth.


What kind of business service do you need?

After evaluating your business and IT systems to know the current health of your company in the context of industry dynamics and the capacity your business model must move towards in order to be able to sustain long term and short term growth.

What is the right choreography?

After the process of evaluation we choose from several business levels across company’s frame- work. We pick the ones with the most impact to your business need. Our goal is to choose the right one at the right time that will have huge impact on the company’s overall strategy and process.

How should the transformation be managed?

After tailoring you a Transformation plan, we provide you with the right leadership structure and management team to oversee the organization transformation process from start to completion.


  • Attaining higher revenues and profits from improved alignment with customers and distribution channels.
  • Understanding and acquiring the insight to grow market share, and build clearer targeting of customer segments.
  • Improved positioning in your marketplace.
  • Deep knowledge of different marketing channels requirements
  • Higher result in growth and strong market positioning.
  • Gain a competitive advantage and target incremental growth in industry.
  • Clear insight on the “best fit” segments where business can drive revenue and profit growth.

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