Maple Monster consulting help companies analyze and identify the right areas to target for growth, whether reconfiguring the organization and building the right capabilities for growth. Organizations need performance improvement in all areas to protect and strengthen the organization processes, so that inefficiency doesn’t creep back in.

As markets, industries and business models continue to evolve, many organizations will face pressures on margin and shareholder value delivery. To remain relevant in this competitive market and new economy, businesses must focus on the competitiveness and performance of the multiple operational functions such as the daily operations go to market, back office etc, In order to utilize the opportunities for value creation.

Commercial Excellence: Companies need to understand the importance of ensuring their commercial engine is firing on all cylinders

Dynamic Performance Management: identifying the critical (KPIs), controllable value levers in your business and how the key metrics interact with each other to create huge change in performance, organizational redesign, strategy and continuous improvement.

Operating model: Redefine allocation of responsibilities and where work is done

Value Activation: we are able to ensure our clients develop and deliver actionable strategies that create measurable and sustainable long-term value for organizations.

Cost Optimization: systematic review of opportunities for sustainable cost-out opportunities and all possible levers, leveraging a broad toolset and deep functional experience.

Commercial Excellence: ensuring your commercial engine is firing on all cylinders.

Performance strategy: effective strategies to drive sustainable incremental growth

Organizational Strategy: creating a fit-for-purpose organization to enable high performance and unlocks the value of the most complex cost opportunities.


  • Helping organizations deploying a proven performance improvement approach
  • Leveraging powerful industry and functional knowledge to design and deliver cost and performance improvement programs.
  • Reduced cost aggressively without harming strategy, and other which should be protected.
  • Lowering total overhead cost is one, often appropriate, organizational goal, significant value can be created by shifting the mix of overhead investments away from "utility-like" costs and into core capabilities that support strategy execution.
  • Help design and plan the findings of what and where the improvement opportunities are to be carried out from the implementation of improvement programs to the end
  • Help deliver multiple cost reduction transformations strategies,
  • Help leverage a broad productivity toolset to identify opportunities that we deploy as appropriate for each client situation,
  • Help with the alignment between “live” management information, budgeting and longer-term planning
  • Help you design and create a plan that will lead to immediate quantification of investment decisions based on the planned consequences for KPIS
  • Create an insight plan for a complete refresh of strategy, organization and culture
  • Help you provide opportunity to renew incentives and reward mechanisms linked directly to KPI movements


What kind of business service do you need?

After evaluating your business and IT systems to know the current health of your company in the context of industry dynamics and the capacity your business model must move towards in order to be able to sustain long term and short term growth.

What is the right choreography?

After the process of evaluation we choose from several business levels across company’s frame- work. We pick the ones with the most impact to your business need. Our goal is to choose the right one at the right time that will have huge impact on the company’s overall strategy and process.

How should the transformation be managed?

After tailoring you a Transformation plan, we provide you with the right leadership structure and management team to oversee the organization transformation process from start to completion.


  • A Transformed organization and corporate culture
  • An improved understanding of the your organization and market
  • All areas of disagreement among your executive team will be solved
  • Right talent management team that makes decisions that support the organization’s for desired growth

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