Maple Monster Consulting helps clients across industries improve and accelerate sales and marketing performance by ensuring that the right strategy, processes and enablers are in place to maximize effective growth.

At maple Monster we focus on helping you transform their marketing and sales strategy for maximum profit. We evaluate your marketing and sales approach to discuss what is working and what is not working. Then we model the economic implications of these insights and compare them with what’s working for other companies. We believe great marketing and sales begins with a genuinely advantaged and robust insight into our client’s customers and market segments whether they are individuals or businesses. Then our team comes up with well thought-out detailed researched marketing plan.

Maple Monster Consulting team help ensure you are well positioned within your industry, so that our marketing and sales strategic plan will have a positive impact on your business. Our team of professionals provides the right combination of strategies, resources and approach that improves and enhances the value of your business by working with your management team to achieve competitive advantage and excellent operating results.

SALES GROWTH AND DESTINATION:Define your long-term sales strategy and destination, and make immediate progress with a series of smaller initiatives to accomplish them.

SALES STRATEGY: Seamlessly integrate physical and digital worlds to deliver outstanding, and often previously unimaginable, customer experiences that lead to profitable growth.

SALES TRANSFORMATION: use pricing to transform your customer experiences, and deliver them at a radically lower cost.

SALES EXCELLENCE: companies need to understand the importance of sales machines, metrics and minds to reach, engage and retain customers and maximize their spending.

SALES ADVANTAGE: companies need to understand the importance of Shifting the focus of their support functions to more value-added activities while reducing cost, using powerful sales tools to achieve competitive advantages.

SALES PRIORITIZATION: Transform customers experience by focusing on business priorities, and making sure your system architecture, operating model, sales structure and costs match these priorities.

SALES ACCELERATION: speeding up sales processes and accelerate transformation while also helping you to build your own in-house sales capabilities.

SALES DELIVERY: use sales prices and tools to deliver business results by predicting, measuring and managing the risk associated with sales changes from the onset.

CUSTOMER INSIGHTS AND SEGMENTATION: understanding customer needs and behaviors using different marketing and sales approach and develop actionable segmentation from the resulting insights.

PRODUCT AND CATEGORY MANAGEMENT: companies need to understand the importance of breaking down barriers to innovation and improve ongoing sales processes and customer-led product development so their value proposition is differentiated and meets customer needs.

PRICING STRATEGY: companies need to understand the importance of resolving the pricing paradox by building long-term pricing capabilities and capitalizing on their revenue opportunities. Also having the right pricing framework and sales incentives to achieve market share.

SALES AND CHANNEL EFFECTIVENESS: companies need to understand the importance of identifying quick, targeted, customized solutions as well as strategic and operational improvements to boost under performing sales organizations.

SALES STRATEGY: companies need to understand the importance of aligning sales strategy with overarching business objectives; ensure sales investments are generating highest returns and reinforcing the brand positioning; and build a loyal customer base through branding that cultivates a strong, trusted image.

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: companies need to understand the importance of developing a series of positive interactions with the customer to earn their advocacy and inform consistent delivery of experiences to drive top-line growth.

LOYALTY AND CUSTOMERS SATISFACTION: companies need to understand the importance of nurturing loyal customers who are more profitable, and who are active proponents of your business in good times and bad.

GO-T0- MARKET AND SALES STRATEGY: companies need to understand the importance of building powerful, integrated go-to-market systems that build a bridge between a company’s strategy and the exceptional customer experiences that are the ultimate driver of customer advocacy and loyalty.

LOYALTY AND CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: companies need to understand the importance of developing to increase customer experience and interaction their portfolio of brands, products and channels. Also design strategies to implement across core channels to achieve increase in customer loyalty and experience.

NEW PRODUCT AND SERVICE DEVELOPMENT: companies have to understand their customers needs so they don’t experience the risk of failed product launch. we help you understand your customers needs from your own product and competitors in order to identify new opportunities and increase revenue.

SALES FORCE EFFECTIVENESS: companies need to understand the importance of ensuring the right support for sales and marketing processes are in the right place and work together to accelerate sales performance.


  • Increase customer traction by providing the seamless experience they want.
  • Identify customer pain points and develop plans to eliminate them
  • Turn up opportunities to delight the customer
  • Combine data and customer insight to help you create a world-class customer experience at every stage of the customer journey, from acquisition and development through commitment and retention.
  • Ensure your current and future customer relationship model reflects on the changes in customer behavior.
  • Help you redefine your business model around your customer need so your customers can view your product and service with a unique experience.
  • Ensure your company culture is sync with customer excellence.
  • Develop compelling competitive programs that reinforce loyalty while remaining true to the brand.
  • Evaluate and redesign existing programs to reflect changing needs.
  • Build in elements that reinforce loyalty across the customer life cycle through personalization and outstanding customer experiences
  • Measure success and provide for the continued evolution of the customer experience that your company provides
  • Ensure your company delivers an authentic, consistent and compelling experience with a strong brand identity.


What kind of business service do you need?

After evaluating your business and IT systems to know the current health of your company in the context of industry dynamics and the capacity your business model must move towards in order to be able to sustain long term and short term growth.

What is the right choreography?

After the process of evaluation we choose from several business levels across company’s frame- work. We pick the ones with the most impact to your business need. Our goal is to choose the right one at the right time that will have huge impact on the company’s overall strategy and process.

How should the transformation be managed?

After tailoring you a Transformation plan, we provide you with the right leadership structure and management team to oversee the organization transformation process from start to completion.


  • Understanding of using loyalty strategies to position you above your competitors
  • Save, manage and lower cost of sales from stronger engagement and recommendations among loyal customers.
  • Loyalty and higher profitability via customer advocacy
  • Differentiated customer experiences with high return on investment (ROI)
  • An improved capability to serve targeted customer segments.

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