Transforming the inside and outside of your organization will need a deep insight and use if application business and IT processes. We translate technology innovation into business innovation opportunities from the harnessing of innovation to deliver cost-effective, functional, and sustainable products and services, and we deliver transformation in key areas of business performance and strategy. Our Consulting team provides you with the systems, resources and strategic solutions that help in transforming your business to take advantage of new market opportunities. We solve all aspects of organizational management, transformation, and supports that take your business to the next level.

At Maple Monster we evaluate your business systems and process to discuss what is working and what is not working. We also understand and answer the following questions that may go through your mind:

  • What does success look like and what is our timeframe for achieving it?
  • What are the key risks and how can they be mitigated?
  • How will we manage the day-to-day business while the transformation is under way?
  • How can we organize and manage this complex process in a disciplined and structured way?


They are several factors and challenges that affect organizations growth and productivity such, as culture, disruptive technologies, global competition, emerging business models, changing customer, information sharing, employee expectations, and evolving regulation.

How organizations are structured and operated will challenge and determine existing business models or will determine their impact in the market and their market domination against their competitors. How a business is structured and operates is a key dimension of successful strategy. Deploying the right core capabilities, optimizing their efficiency and effectiveness. We supports businesses of all sizes in their efforts to optimize their organizational structure and we deliver transformation in key areas of business performance and strategy.

Our team of professionals will identify any underlying causes and partner with your team to provide you with the expertise, the right combination of capabilities, resources and approach needed to Scale your business, drive maximum revenue, and dominate your marketplace. We work with your leadership and management to ensure they implement the plans and strategies and we help you with ways to carry out the processes from initial conceptualization through development of practical solutions and mobilization of the execution effort.

STRATEGIC EXECUTION: For every successful business they were a successful strategy implementation. Making the right strategic choices based on a rigorous assessment of a business’s external environment and internal capabilities will make you dominate your market over your competitors. We provide you with the necessary support, team, strategies and help you with the execution to take your business to the next level.


  • Identifying the need for a full Potential Transformation and implementing the change.
  • Providing you with Strategic Execution for your business transformation.
  • Help transform your operating model to simplify your organization, streamline work processes, reveal hidden opportunities and unlock massive savings.
  • Help you equip your organization to address the needed change and transformation needed.
  • We help you with Continuous organizational Transformation internal and external.
  • Help you in considering all the opportunities available to achieve your goals
  • Help your organization stay focused on the bigger pictures.
  • Help you understand the maturity, capabilities and the required actions to deliver high results in your industry.
  • Help you with the changes to technology, processes, and talent you need to apply to your organization for improvements in cost and effectiveness.


What kind of business service do you need?

After evaluating your business and IT systems to know the current health of your company in the context of industry dynamics and the capacity your business model must move towards in order to be able to sustain long term and short term growth. We ensure we understand the starting and finishing point of your business goal and process in order solve the difficulties and business challenges.

What is the right choreography?

After the process of evaluation we choose from several business levels across company’s frame- work. We pick the ones with the most impact to your business need. Our goal is to choose the right one at the right time that will have huge impact on the company’s overall strategy and process.

How should the digital transformation be managed?

After tailoring you a Digital Transformation plan, we provide you with the right leadership structure and management team to oversee the transformation process from start to completion


  • You will be well positioned within your industry
  • A Transformed organization and corporate culture
  • An improved understanding of the your organization and market
  • All areas of disagreement among your executive team will be solved
  • Right decisions that support the organization for desired growth

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